Jeff Bomb &
Jesse Scott


Lonely Potion

Jeff Bomb

Jeff Bomb is widely regarded as one of thee most revered and respected DJs on the west coast of the United States and has spent more than 20 years immersed in the culture, occupation and movement that is international dance music. His DJ career boasts nothing less than an all star accounting of the most prolific and infamous brands, residencies and events that have comprised club culture and its ascension over the last 2 decades. From the epic clubs of Naked in Los Angeles, Utopia in Las Vegas, and On Broadway in San Diego Jeff has performed at nearly every major club on the country’s west coast, holding residencies at many of them for years and fusing his talent, dedication, and notoriety in the quilt of the American dance music culture.

His talents, ambition and work ethic have resulted in a wide array of simultaneous pursuits in the music industry at record companies, booking houses, and in 2000 he was offered an esteemed invitation to work at Groove Radio in Los Angeles with founder and visionary, Swedish Egil. Jeff’s initial weekend show exploded into a weekly shift and before his departure Jeff had risen the ranks to become Music Director of the internationally renowned station with an on-air show broadcast worldwide five days a week.

A California native Jeff was born and raised in Los Angeles and graduated from Cal State University, Northridge as well as the world renown USC school of music. The Bachelor of Science in the Music Industry program was a perfect fit for Jeff who graduated amongst the first of it’s candidates. The program has since triumphed and revolutionized the way young aspiring businessmen with a specific interest in the recording industry pursue higher education and utilize it in the field once graduated. Apart from the success Jeff forged as a traveling and resident DJ he has also established significant credibility in the lateral area of music production and remixing. Having worked in studio and alongside some of the most renowned professionals Jeff has proven his ability to identify, locate, and acquire exceptional music is equally akin to an innate ability to create it as well. Some partnerships to date include moguls like Josh Gabriel, Dave Dresden, and Chris Cox whose notoriety and success are unrivaled and coveted in the global market.

Jesse Scott

Jesse Scott Hill who goes by Jesse Scott was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma from mixed parents, a Caucasian Father and African American/Native American Mother. Though he was born in Oklahoma, Jesse traveled and relocated to many different states and cities as his father was a salesman. Because of this Jesse’s most stable thing in his life was the road and baseball. As a senior in High School Jesse received a baseball scholarship to play college ball but the summer before picked up a 3 string guitar and then a 5 and Jesse’s journey began.

After the summer Jesse moved to Dallas and started playing at open mic’s nightly developing his sound and style of play. He would travel to multiple states and cities before eventually making his way out to Los Angeles in 2011 where he would connect with producer Rudy Maya in 2014 (Rihanna) and form the duo “1AMVRKA”. The duo signed to Capitol Records in 2016 and saw some success with their single “Raised In The Wild”, which would peak at #3 US and #7 on the Global Charts of Spotify and their next single “American Muscle” featured on the Documentary “Hard Knocks”, the introduction of the RAMS in Los Angeles, which aired on HBO. Ultimately the duo would choose to leave Capitol as they felt staying independent would allow them to control their vision.

As the duo is focusing on building their fanbase through social media Jesse is pursuing a solo career, which taps in to more of his musical roots. Jesse would tell you that his playing and singing is flawed, but that imperfection in his music and himself make his art human and real. Cliché as it sounds, Jesse just wants to be heard.

With his sights set on original productions and high level remix projects for the upcoming year Jeff is poised and prepared to make 2021 the most exciting and pivotal year yet. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Nullam tellus diam, volutpat a, laoreet vel, bibendum in.